What to Look for in a Web Designer

Hiring a web designer to create a stunning and fully-functional website for a business can be a bit frustrating for those who don’t know what to look for. The guidelines for hiring web designers are more than just checking for technical qualifications, after all. This is why it is absolutely important to do some research before getting into a contract with a web designer. Here are some helpful tips to consider when looking for one that can deliver.


  1. Do they have a jaw-dropping portfolio?

Checking a web designer’s web page is as meta as meta can be. If they can’t impress clients, they’re not likely to impress visitors of their clients. Web designers understand the pressure of designing their website wherein it serves as a portfolio and a quasi-project presentation.

  1. Do they communicate well?

Communication is more than just proper use of grammar. Don’t just assess them by how they construct their sentences and how they phrase their end of the conversation but also by their disposition. Good web designers understand that clients aren’t as usually as tech savvy as their lot. Some clients are not familiar with computers. The way they communicate with their client should be absent of condescension and mockery. Choose a web designer who has people skills to match their tech skills.

  1. Are they willing to sign a long-term contract?

There are web designers who are only willing to create a website, deploy it and leave the business owner to their devices. Even for a business that can get by with a static website, having a web designer for the long haul helps in adjusting the site whenever deemed necessary. Things like trends in design philosophy and adding new links will require their expertise.

  1. Do they pitch web creation using drag-and-drop builders?

Run away. On a serious note, web designers who know what they’re doing are usually not that fond of drag-and-drop models. This is because this type of web design messes with the scripts in the background. And this entangled mess of a script is usually a pain to deal with. Also, by avoiding drag-and-drop builders, web designers can be free to design according to their preference. And that’s one quality that makes a web designer a cut above the rest.

Another way to sift through the numerous lists of designers and end up with the best web designers Walton KY has to offer is to check reviews of previous clients.