Wedding Catering

Deciding upon the wedding caterer is one of the most important decisions that you will make in course of your wedding planning and why should not it be? More often than not people forget the music, lighting and other arrangements but they do not forget the meal. Meal is something that keeps revisiting their memories and in a way the only long term impression they carry of your wedding is that of the food. If so much is at stake then can you afford to leave it to someone else? This is the reason why we recommend that you either take the decision yourself or depend only on someone very close to you. Recently I had the privilege of managing my wedding and I engaged with many wedding caterers and finally shortlisted Matteo’s Gourmet.  We used this company for my wedding catering.  It was an awesome experience and that is the reason why I have listed below some of the top tips that helped in making the experience awesome.


The first thing that you should look into is your venue because there are two types of venues- one that allows outside caterers and the other that does not allow outside caterers. If you are fixated on a particular caterer then you should choose a venue that allows outside caterers. Even if you are not fixated on a particular vendor then also you should ascertain the quality of on-site caterer. You must never choose a venue that does not give you flexibility on the caterer and offers a very poor quality caterer.

Getting face time with the caterer before you appoint him is an absolute must. You must understand that a good website or a celebrity chef’s name association does not alone guarantee a wonderful catering. You must get face time with the actual head chef who will supervise the proceeding on your wedding day. It is his or her skill that only matters. Everything else is simply a vanity.

An intricate understanding if the budget that is at your disposal for the catering is also very important. This is one of the experiences that I thought is worth sharing from my journey. Everyone has grand plans about his or her wedding journey but sadly every plan has a cost attached to it. If the plan’s cost does not fit into your budget then there is no point in wasting time over it. It is also better to identify all costs in the beginning rather than getting to know them later.