Trach Supplies Available at Integrity Home Medical

The trachea or windpipe is the part of the body’s respiratory system that is responsible for connecting the pharynx and the larynx to the lungs. Thus, they play an important role in the exchange of air. However, there are certain health conditions or situations wherein the anatomical structure can be blocked. With such in regard, most affected individuals will require a procedure called tracheostomy or tracheotomy. It is a surgical procedure wherein a stoma or hole is created in order for the affected individual to breath properly. Basically, a tracheal tube is inserted in the hole.


The thing is that when the affected individual goes home, most parts of the tube should be replaced once in a while. Such is to of course, ensure that the person will not be exposed to any factors that may cause infection. Thus, people should make sure that they purchase the needed supplies. A company that is highly recommended by reviewers is Integrity Home Medical. It is a medical supply company in Memphis that has been owned and operated by a family since the year 2011. It’s main goal is to ensure that individuals have quality in-home medical supplies and equipment in their homes.


In relation to trach supplies, the company sells inner cannulas. Such are items that are connected to the tracheal tube that help manage the tracheal secretions. It is the part that is recommended to be regularly replaced. That is due to the fact that the inner cannula is where the mucus will build up or accumulates. Another important trach supply that people can purchase from the company is suction catheters. Such are quality plastic tubes that are long and flexible. As the name implies, they are used to remove respiratory secretions through the process of suctioning. The other end of the suction catheters is connected to a container or canister that will hold the secretions removed. As an overview, such process is important in order to ensure that the airway is clear, as well as to prevent secretion plug formation.


People can also buy 10-milliliter bottles of sterile water. Such are important for cleaning and humidifying the different parts of tracheal tubes. People should take note that ordinary water cannot be used in doing such because the product can be contaminated. Thus, the patient may acquire infections. The good thing about the company is that it does not only sell parts of tracheal tubes. People who need to breath properly but have not undergone tracheostomy can also buy quality ventilators from the company.