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Life After Breast Augmentation

13You’ve taken the plunge and went under the knife for a boob job. You feel amazing afterwards. However, keep in mind that your journey doesn’t end there. After heeding your plastic surgeon’s advice regarding post-op care, which usually lasts two to three weeks after surgery, it’s now time to get on your feet and try some post breast enlargement exercise techniques.


This set of exercises can help you to regain a better range of motion and faster healing. Of course, it is best to check out this plastic surgeon’s website prior to doing this to find out when’s the best time to start with these exercises.


Clasp, Reach, and Spread


  1. Sit up straight in a chair, preferably facing a mirror. Start the exercise with your hands clasped in your lap. The goal is to move your hands all the way to the back of your neck.
  2. Slowly raise your hands toward your forehead, keeping your elbows as close together as possible. If you feel incisional pulling or discomfort, stop and rest your hands where they are (your chin, nose, and forehead, top of your head) and hold the position for one minute. You may do deep breathing until the pulling subsides. If the pain does not subside, slowly return to the start position after one minute. If it does subside, continue the exercise until you feel the pulling again. Hold for one minute. Then return slowly to the start position. It may take several sessions for you to complete all the positions of this exercise. Take your time, and remember that the goal of stretching is to relax the scar tissue.


  1. As you are able to go further with the exercise, slide your hands over your head, keeping your elbows close to your ears. Remember to keep your head up! Check your position to make sure you can see your chin in the mirror. Slide your hands down until you reach the back of your neck. When your hands reached the base of your neck, open your elbows wide out to the side. Hold this position for one minute. Slowly reverse direction and return to the start position.


Side Wall Stretch


Once you have reached your full range of motion with the above exercises, this exercise will help you to stretch a little more:


  1. Stand perpendicular (sideways) to the wall with the arm on the side of surgery facing the wall and your feet about one foot away from the wall. Reach your arm up to the wall and put the heel of your hand on the wall. Do not rest your weight on your fingers.


  1. Lean on the wall so that the heel of your hand slides up the wall until you feels incisional pulling. Hold this position for one minute. Return to the start position. Do this with the other arm as well.


  1. Repeat the exercise until you no longer feel incisional pulling while your arm is at the full height of the position.


A word of caution though; remember, do not force yourself if it’s too difficult on your part. Do gentle exercises slowly and steadily over the next few weeks until your momentum is built. Do light activities first and do not put too much pressure by lifting heavy objects or overstretching/pulling your arm. Regularly communicate with your doctor or nurse for proper guidance on the dos and don’ts after your operation. These post breast enlargement exercise techniques are helpful only if your healthcare providers are well aware and approve of it.

Insurance for Cosmetic Surgery


Many people are unsure whether their health insurance coverage includes the expenses for cosmetic surgery. The common questions are “Will my insurance pay for the surgery in full or only a part of it?”

The answer to that largely varies for everyone. For the most part, insurance coverage can differ from one provider to another. Hence, it would be advisable for you to ask the Breast Augmentation Tulsa specialist if you can use your insurance for the procedure.


Some companies do cover the cost for a procedure if they are performed for reconstruction purposes. Breast reconstruction, for example, is a justifiable case if it is required after mastectomy. On the other hand, breast reduction is also allowed if it is needed by a patient undergoing chronic pain caused by unusually large breasts.


The insurance for a cosmetic surgery would likely cover necessary treatments and procedures following an accident. Additionally, those who have been born with birth defects will be glad to know that treatments such as cleft palate are included as well. Other surgeries not categorized as a cosmetic procedure can also receive partial payment. To give a summarized response, surgeries that are done to merely enhance your appearance are generally not included in the coverage. The only exemption to the rule is when the procedure is intended to be a solution for a medical concern.
For any concerns and questions, you can contact your insurance provider to ask them. This is always a better idea than going ahead, having a surgery and eventually finding out that it is not covered in the plan. You can speak with one of their representatives and then give them specifics about your situation. That way, they can evaluate your case and tell you if it is covered by insurance for cosmetic surgery.

If you find that that no full or partial coverage are possible, then you will need to shoulder the expenses on your own. Save up in advance if you really want to have the surgery. Other than that, you can also look around for a loan to ensure that you can afford it.

Of course, take the time to talk with your potential surgeon. Ask about the total costs of the procedure and find out if it’s possible to get a discount. Any deductions on the amount; be it small or big, can help you breathe a little easier. Also, make sure that you understand the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. You have to grasp that cosmetic procedures are done to improve your physical features while reconstructive is to resolve medical difficulties. Botox, liposuction, and facelift typically fall under the former. Rhinoplasty and other similar procedures can be under the latter category if it treats a potential problem. By asking ahead, you will know if you are entitled for any financial assistance from the company.

For more information, you can also talk with people you know who have undergone cosmetic surgery in the past. They might impart some ideas about which insurance companies can provide you with the needed financial assistance.

You can also do your own research by using the internet. Browsing insurance websites and getting in touch with them via email is highly recommended. Their staff members are always willing to respond to customer queries and so contacting them is always for your advantage. Go ahead and inquire about their stand regarding insurance for cosmetic surgery. They’ll definitely supply you with more information and enlighten you about the subject matter. If you find a favorable provider, then you might want to start signing up with them way before you undergo the surgery. Besides, most of these companies will require you to be a member and to pay your premium for a specific time period before you receive proper coverage.