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Things to Consider When Renting a Boat

4Renting a boat isn’t something that any regular person can do on a whim. There’s a good reason why boat rental is always associated with lengthy contracts and agreements that customers have to sign before getting the keys. This can be overwhelming for anyone who hasn’t tried renting a boat yet. Still, it’s not a good idea to get intimidated by these wordy contracts and spoil the vacation by foregoing boat rental. Here are some helpful things to make boat rental a less stressful thing to do.

  1. Ask for the services of lawyers.

Some people would think that hiring a lawyer just for the sake of renting a boat is going overboard (no pun intended). However, seeing as boat rental can be costly, and even more costly if damages are incurred, it’s best to ask for the assistance of a lawyer and have them on board. With the know-how of lawyers, it becomes easier to spot critical parts of an agreement that may easily exploit one party, particularly the person renting the boat. Small things like paying for damages that were already there to begin with, but wasn’t listed down on the agreement.

  1. Check the vessel.

On that note, it’s definitely a must to read the agreement and go over the listed damages of the boat. It’s important to list down notable detriments of the boat, whether if it’s a fast deck boat or a luxury¬†Newport Pontoon¬†boat, being meticulous about this is important. Understandably, some customers will feel embarrassed about asking for the go signal of a rental company to check the boat. It’s better to feel slightly embarrassed instead of being infuriated with underserved incurred damage payments. Besides, rental companies are compelled to give the said privilege to customers.

  1. Ask about safety equipment.

In light of asking questions, a customer should also take note of the safety equipment in the boat; if they are present to begin with, and where they are located. Safety equipment, ideally including first aid kits, should be accessible. Asking rental companies for these things doesn’t have to sound like an interrogation anyway. Asking for them in a civil manner is the best way to go. Obviously, before asking for the boat’s safety equipment, it’s best to have a prior idea on what items are necessary. This is where the Internet can be of great help. Blogs from avid boaters as well as message boards can help immensely in informing anyone about safety equipment regarding boating and boating in general.