Med Spas

Nowadays medical spa or med spa has become very popular. A med spa is very similar to a day spa with additional treatments which are administered only at a doctor’s clinic. For example a Novapele med spa will also offer physiotherapy along with routing spa therapies. They stand somewhere between the rigid environment of a clinic and the comfy environment of leisure spa. A medical spa is designed by keeping the essential elements modern medical science, hence if you visit a medical spa you can enjoy all the benefits and pleasure of a normal spa session along with a consultation with a trained medical practitioner.


The biggest advantage of going to a medical spa is that you get all your treatment in a stress free environment. There is a term in medical science called white BP for the anxiety that is created during a visit to the doctor. It is said and has also been proven that whenever you visit your doctor your blood pressure increases abnormally. The same visit to the doctor in a med spa can happen without having the white BP syndrome. The smooth surrounding of the med spa will ease your nerves and hence you will be treated much better at a med spa than at a regular doctor clinic.

Anti-ageing treatments have always been the centre piece of med spa’s attraction and this is the reason why 6 out of 10 visitors to med spa come for one or the other type of anti-ageing treatment. The best part of med spas is that along with the general skin treatments you can get specialized skin treatments such as the Botox, Restylane and microdermabrasion. This makes med spas as the one stop solution for your beauty related skin problems. If you have found a good med spa then you have found the solution to all your skin problems. However, finding a med spa is not that easy and this is the reason why we have dedicated the last section of our article to how to choose a good med spa.

There are few simple things that you can do to find out that the spa that you have chosen for yourself is good enough. The first thing you should do is visit the spa and check for the facilities that are available there. You can also meet the specialists, therapists and doctors to ensure that they have sound knowledge about spa therapies.