How To Maintain Your Billiards Table

If you love billiards then you must know how to maintain a billiards table so that it remains in top condition. If you do not know how to do it then don’t worry as in this article we will give you some of the top tips for doing it. A perfectly levelled billiards table is a soothing sight to see for any billiards fan but what many fans do not appreciate is the effort that goes into maintaining it. If you follow the guidelines that are prescribed in this article then your billiards table will remain in top condition for a very long time.


First of all you should take few general precautions that will ensure that your billiards table is saved from routine damage and wear & tear. Table position is the first that you should be concerned about. Direct sunlight is the number one enemy of your billiards table. It dries up the topmost fabric layer and thus makes it unusable for playing billiards. Direct sunlight will also affect the wooden structure of the table as it will make it dry. It is a well-known fact that dry wood is highly susceptible to failure. This necessitates maintenance of right humidity in the room; hence you should always keep billiards table in an air-conditioned room. Covering the billiards table with vinyl is the next best thing that you can do to your billiards table. Dust is an enemy of the topmost fabric layer of billiards table. The vinyl cover not only protects the fabric with dust but also helps in maintaining the right level of moisture on the surface. You should only use the specially designed cover for your billiards table.

Billiards tables are not supposed to be moved on a daily basis and hence you should not try to move it often. Moving your billiards table can be a disaster if you do not do it under the supervision of an expert.  There are many good service providers for billiards table moving in Fort Collins who can assist you in moving your table safely. You should hire them even if you want simply want to move your table few inches. You must also clean the billiards balls thoroughly so that they do not make the table dirty. Cleaning them with a special made cleaner is highly recommended for good up keep of your billiards table.