Little-Known Tricks That Make Selling Property Online Effective

According to the National Association of Realtors, around 84 per cent of Americans now use the Internet to search for a new home. In addition, since there are a growing number of people who use technology to scour the real estate market, it’s extremely important to have a truly compelling Web presence when selling property online.


Don’t think for one second that you don’t need a broker to help you sell your property just because you’re selling it online. Best real estate broker in Des Moines is easy to find, especially if you know your way around the Internet. A broker’s handiwork would certainly help especially when inquiries start pouring in and technical jargons are thrown in for good measure.

Figures have shown that the majority of homebuyers nowadays start their house hunt online. In fact, most will not even attempt personally visiting a for-sale property if the online listing is not interesting and compelling. In real estate, interesting and compelling mean photos – many photos! Some studies have shown that people wishing to purchase a property are more likely to go through listed homes that have six or more pictures posted and choose from there. With that said, be sure to post many pictures when selling property online.

If homebuyers find pictures truly compelling, just imagine how interested they would be if they see a video of your house? Simply get a video cam, make a virtual tour of your home, post it on YouTube, and you’re almost assured of getting a bunch of customers viewing your property online. Remember though that when selling property online using videos, you’ve got to give prospective buyers tiny bits of information that will really tickle their fancy. Talk about what you loved most about the kitchen, how often you’ve visited your favorite coffee shop nearby, or how much you loved walking your dog in the park every Sunday morning. All these help them visualize how fun it is to live in your home and neighborhood.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook account? Well, there must be a few who doesn’t have one but nevertheless, anyone who has a computer basically has a Facebook account. This social networking site, without a doubt, has the power to attract customers from anywhere in the world. Just imagine if you have 600 friends and they each have 600 as well. The possibilities of marketing your house are almost endless! So while you’re busy optimizing your websites for search engine optimization in the hopes that they’ll end up on that all-elusive Google front page, don’t forget to optimize your Facebook presence as well.