How To Have Sterile Environment In Drug Compounding Pharmacies?

Sterile environment is super critical for certain class of drugs such as the eye drops, injections and inhalations. These categories of drugs come in direct contact with inner layers of our body and hence chances of infection getting passed on to your body are much higher than in other class of drugs. Medical compounding is a field that has evolved very quickly in recent decades and that is why sterile environment in medical compounding has become a hot debate area. According to a sterile pharmacy in Florida, there are many steps that any pharmacy can take to maintain the sterile environment in its processing plants. We have listed below some of them:

1 Getting the relevant accreditation from a registered medical body or quality agency is one of the first that any pharmacy should do in order ensure the sterile conditions at its plant. Any reputed agency will provide its accreditation only after putting the systems and process of the plant to rigorous tests and hence if your plan is able to get the accreditation then it means that you have been successful in maintaining the standards. PCAB accreditation is one such body that gives unbiased certification and hence all sterile drug compounding labs should gun for getting certified by it.

2 Getting certification is one thing and maintaining them is another and that is the reason why we recommend that every pharma lab should build strong internal systems and controls so that the standards of certification are met on a daily basis for each and every process. Every pharmacy should ensure control groups for sterile and non-sterile environment because only control groups can give you the confidence in your systems. Without a control group you will never have the right benchmarks to compare your test results.

3 The third and the most critical part is the training of your staff. Training alone is not sufficient as you will have to sensitize your staff towards a habit of maintaining the standard that you set for your plant. Maintaining sterile standards is very complex as there is almost zero margin of error and unless your staffs are properly trained you will never have an error free environment.

It is needless to emphasize on the criticality of maintaining sterile environment in drug compounding as drug compounding is much more susceptible to impurities and infections those regular medicines because of its very dynamic nature.