How To Choose A Wedding Venue

Wedding is one of the most special events in our and that is why it is very important how you choose to celebrate it. Many people prefer closed door ceremony with very few but very near dear ones present as guest, however for other who choose to have a grand event on the occasion, choosing wedding venue rightly is extremely important and this is exactly where this article will help you. In this article we will give you the top tips for choosing the right wedding venue which not only suit the occasion but also help you in leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Choosing wedding venues in Temecula is not rocket science but if you are not mindful of few facts such the number of guests that will be attending the wedding or whether the venue supports that type of decoration that you want for your wedding, then you may not have that perfect wedding that you always wanted.


  1. The golden rule of deciding on a wedding venue is that you should consult your wedding planner first because it is him or her who is deciding on everything else and for that he or she would be having a theme in his mind. Your wedding venue needs to fit into that theme. Many people commit the mistake of imposing a wedding venue on their wedding planner andthat leads into a situation where your wedding venue looks like a misfit. Think of situation in which your wedding planner has planned a pool side wedding and you impose an open field venue.
  2. The second most important tip is that you should know the maximum number of guests that are expected to attend. If the number of guests fall short on that day then it is perfectly fine because such a situation will not hurt but if you plan for 100 people and 200 people turn up on the day then you will surely have to look for a hiding place.
  3. The third thing is our budget and you should always be mindful of it. Everyone wants to have a dream wedding like Brangelina but not everyone have the resource to do so. You should plan your wedding very carefully and accordingly make budgetary allocation. Your wedding venue must not exceed the allocation that you have made for as otherwise you will have to cut your expenditure somewhere else.