How To Choose A Dermatologist?

Visiting a dermatologist can be challenging especially if you and your dermatologist does not go along well, hence we always advise our readers that they should choose their dermatologist very carefully. Choosing a dermatologist is not always an easy task because you need to keep into consideration a lot of factors. This is exactly where this article comes into play. In this article we will give you top tips to choose a good dermatologist.


As expected, the first tip that we will give is about the credentials of your doctor. Doctors’ credentials are a sure shot way of telling the good dermatologist from an average one.  According to US laws, a doctor with a valid degree can practice dermatology in the US, however a certified doctor assures you of certain number of year of experience under his belt. It is a no brainer to guess the importance of experience in the medical field. Certification by American Board of Dermatology is a very handy indicator of competence of your potential dermatologist. You should always check for this certification because it is very difficult to get, hence it assures you of a good doctor.

Dermatologist usually charge by time. This means that if you have booked for an half hour appointment then most likely you will be kicked out of the dermatologist’s clinic as soon as the time ends. However there are exceptions to this behaviour also and these exceptions are usually the better dermatologists of the lot because they understand that their patients are human beings who are in need of medical treatment. If your dermatologist is considerate enough then you are lucky and thus do not look forward to changing him or her. Our suggestion is keep sticking to him or her.

Good dermatologist often give free samples to their patients before committing them to buying prescription because they understand the value of money that is associated with buying costly medicines. According to Rao Dermatology, most dermatologists are fully stocked up with free samples that they can very easily give to their patient for trying out the efficacy of a particular drug. If your dermatologist is giving you free samples then you are visiting the right dermatologist.

Finally, you must look into the after hour care given by your dermatologist because in case of an allergic reaction you may need urgent care from your dermatologist in after office hours.