How can Undocumented Immigrants be able to Obtain Permanent Residency in the U.S?

Anything about immigration is one of the hottest topics today in the US. The President has been at odds of fighting illegal immigration, deporting illegal immigrants back to their countries; in fact, for the past months, the battle against illegal immigration has reached a fever pitch.

Recently, Trump has acted upon the illegal immigrants in California. It is insinuated that the Californian law is being soft on illegal immigrants due to its “sanctuary law”.

Who are the illegal immigrants anyway?

Undocumented entry is not the only reason why there are illegal immigrants in the US today; there are in fact, legal immigrants that became illegal due to overstaying and border crossing card violations. Overstaying are individuals who have legally entered the country but have stayed beyond the fixed period. Most of these turned illegal immigrants have had a tourist or business visas.

Border crossing card violations, on the other hand, are individuals (mostly Mexicans) who were given authority to cross into the border of US, however, for a limited period. When the non-immigrants have overstayed in the country beyond their allowed days, they are now considered illegal immigrants.

But how can undocumented be able to obtain permanent residency in the US?

While it is currently a hot topic today, filing for permanent residency can be tough, especially for illegal immigrants. Nevertheless, to help you out, below are some tips on how to obtain permanent residency in the US:

1. Know your rights

Yes, even illegal immigrants have a few legal rights that neither the existing US laws nor the president himself is capable of changing it, for instance:

  •    Under US constitution, you have the right to refuse to be searched. If they have a warrant on hand, you have the right not to open the doors until you have legal help from your attorney. However, if you open the door, you are giving the federal officers the consent to enter your house. Instead, you have the right to ask the officer to slide the warrant under the door and have it validated.
  •    You have the right to refuse to speak; even if an immigration officer is throwing you too many questions, you have the right to remain silent until you have an attorney present.
  •    You have the right to have an attorney that can help you with your immigration issues. If you are in Chula Vista, try asking for an efficient chula vista immigration attorney.

2. Know your options

Even though there are only a few options for illegal immigrants to have legal residency in the US, still do not lose hope. There are efficient immigration attorneys that will provide you recourse and explain everything to you.

3. Choose the right immigration attorney that can speak for you

To be successful in your battle against immigration issues, you have to choose the right immigration attorney.