How can Access Director Maximize Productivity and Reduce Risk of Microsoft Vulnerabilities

Critical Microsoft vulnerabilities are on the rise. According to the latest report by Avecto, Microsoft claimed that there has been a significant increase in critical Microsoft vulnerabilities spanning from Window X, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The numbers of vulnerabilities have increased by 111 percent from the past five years. This massive rise of Microsoft flaws has been attributed to Windows 10’s ongoing refinement and development.

Indeed, technology has its downfalls and one fitting example of this is the Microsoft operating system. These Microsoft vulnerabilities allow attackers to gain access to systems to steal information, manipulate data or destroy programs. It is one of the reasons why hackers are rampant these days and the most common victims are businesses or offices utilizing Microsoft Windows operating systems.

To answer this problem, Microsoft has created patches to alleviate such a situation. However, using these patches alone is insufficient in keeping your system protected from hackers. That is why experts recommend the use of Microsoft development software like Access Director.

The Access Director is one of the leading software development applications of today. This program is a product of a trustworthy and reputable Windows and Web application development company. The Access Director has impressive features that can protect your system from malign individuals. Most of all, this software development application promotes productivity and removes up to 92% critical Microsoft vulnerabilities.

How is it possible?

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Removes Local Admin Privileges

The Access Director mitigates critical Microsoft vulnerabilities such as remote code execution, security feature bypass, tampering, and Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge vulnerabilities by 90 percent through removing local administrative privileges. In this manner, attackers could not gain access through your browser or Microsoft Windows features. However, removing local admin privileges has its drawbacks. User right is limited and in turn, reduces productivity.

Maximizing Productivity

The Access Director already knows the side-effect of removing local admin privileges. And, they are ready to give a solution to this problem.

This Microsoft software development application guarantees minimum impact of vulnerabilities to users without distressing productivity. This technology features user access in a limited amount of time. In this effect, you can access your system and request on-demand privileged account assignments without weakening your security from Microsoft vulnerabilities. This feature of Access Director makes it the best solution in dealing with Microsoft flaws.

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