Household Cleaning Precautions: Four Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Cleaning a sofa or any furniture is not simple. You have to follow certain instructions like avoiding the cleaning mistakes below to prevent damaging your furniture.


Ignoring Cleaning Instructions

A new sofa comes in with a guideline tag or a manual for cleaning. However, most people do not bother themselves to read these guidelines thinking that every upholstery has a similar way of cleaning methods. That is where you are wrong. Not all couches use similar materials. Therefore, each one of them has different cleaning methods. What you use in cleaning your old couch could ruin the material of your new furniture. Hence, it is important that you should always read these guidelines or ask the shop assistant for some tips to avoid ruining your new furniture.

Thinking that Cleaning Products are All the Same

Truths to be told, not all kind of cleaning products are appropriate to the certain type of furniture. In addition, each type of cleaning products has varying composition and ingredients used. Thus, one can offer good results in cleaning whereas some might damage the fibers of your sofa or couch. It is important that you must pick out the correct cleaning solution for your upholstery. If you have no idea on what to use, you can consult the help of experts in upholstery cleaning like Right and Clean.

Scrubbing Hard Cleans

More Scrubbing and scouring is the first idea that comes into your mind about cleaning. Well, you will surely have to scrub to get off the grime and make your furniture look good as new. However, too much scrubbing can ruin your lovely couch. Scrubbing can disentangle and damage the fibers of the furniture. Thus, if you are planning to clean it, better yet use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust. If your couch has stains, do not soak it in water, use a stain remover or ask a cleaning expert to solve your problem.

Dealing with the Wrong Cleaning Company

If you think there is no hope in saving your couch, do not despair. All you need is to hire a cleaning company to help you with your problem. However, searching for a good company with quality cleaning services is quite difficult. For this reason, many make mistakes by choosing the wrong company. They never do some background check on the company’s portfolio, the employees they have as well as their equipment. Before dealing with any cleaning company, know them first. Visit their website if you must. Also, contacting them can help more.