Goodbye Clutter! Learn the Easiest and Simplest Way of Organizing Your Closets

Seeing your clothes cluttered around your home like they are having a rampage only adds up to your stress. Instead of expecting that you can rest and relax in going home after an exhausting day at your job, an unorganized closet can drastically worsen your already stressful day. Organizing your clothing is not that hard, but difficult enough for individuals with no idea on how to efficiently arrange their personal belongings. Thus, as a guide for you and every person suffering from this headache inducing dilemma here is an easy and quick method of organizing your closet.


  1. Group Similar Apparel

Start regrouping your clothing right now if you do not want to take time searching for a missing piece of sock or your favorite shirt to wear for the day. All shirts should be in one place, similar goes to your jeans and under wear. After doing so, make sure that all clothes you use for work are in the same pile and the casual wears you have are in another stack. Systematizing your clothes by assortment and their utilization is an excellent technique to avoid missing pieces of it. Moreover, you can easily get what you need since you already know where to get it even you are in a hurry.

  1. Install Closet Drawers

Some ignore the importance of small drawers. Though you would definitely need a huge space for your larger clothing to hang it, drawers can do the job of making your closet more organized and clutter free. Small apparels like underwear should not go in the same place as your other clothing. It is preferable to have it stored in small compartments. Do the same for your shoes and bags. With this, you can avoid seeing your underwear lying around in your room.

3. Remove Unused Clothing

Changing seasons dictate what you should include and draw out in your closet. Holding your clothes in one place can cause clothing overload, making it much harder to find what you specifically need. Therefore, if your closet is this kind of situation, begin removing the clothes you don’t require as of now. Place it in a box or in another storage area and take it out until the next season comes when you have to wear this clothing. For clothes you have already outgrown, you can donate it or earn from your belongings by having a garage sale. Do you want more ideas on how to organize your closets effectively? Find out from the closet organization professionals here at More Than Closets.