Different Spa Treatments

These days, you can see a lot of spa therapy centers that in different parts of the world. Many people go to spas for massage, facials, scrubs, and even for tattoo removal. The different treatments that are done may vary depending on the specialty of the center. But, there are some treatments that are common to most of the spas you go to.



Getting a massage is an option for many to relax their tense bodies. There are massages that are done that focus on specific parts of the body. Swedish and deep tissue massages are two of the most popular massage types that most customers request when they want their whole body to be treated. Aromatherapy and hot stone massages are also common for those who are seeking for more than physical relaxation.


Cleansing, exfoliating, extracting and masks are usually done in facials. There are differences in the products that they use in varied facials. You can choose from anti-aging facials, deep-cleansing, and more. Some spas include extras like serums and peels for the face, LED light therapy, diamond peels and also some scalp and foot massage.


A body scrub is done to basically exfoliate the skin and is usually followed by an application of cream, wrap, clay or mud application. Choices of different scrubs can be seen in most ‘menus’ in spas. There is coffee scrub for removing cellulites, sugar-based scrubs for gentle exfoliation and salt scrubs for stronger exfoliation. A variety of herbs are also used for some. Herb scrubs can have plentiful of benefits and scents to relax your body.

Other skin treatments and tattoo removal.

Here, spas use safe laser technology to treat aging, cellulites, wrinkles and the like. The people who handle these special treatments are professionals who have been trained with the equipment and have experiences in the field. Some laser treatments require more than one session for it to be complete. Most spas also provide steam baths, hot tubs and saunas that their customers can enjoy, too.

Sometimes, you can also enjoy some tea and healthy snacks that are served in the spa. According to experts, it is still best to get treatments from spas rather than trying them on your own at home. There are special tests that need to be done to know your skin sensitivity so you would know what products can be used to avoid allergic reactions or serious skin illness.