Coyote Girls

Pattaya is the go to place if you want to have some fun and enjoy nightlife. Over the years it has gained tremendous popularity among tourists from al over the world. It first barged its way on to the world tourism map during 1960s when it because known that there are 1000s of young and beautiful Pattaya girls that are ready to spend time with you at a very reasonable price. Young girls from Northern Thailand, which is also known as Isaan flock to Pattaya to maketheir dream of becoming rich come true. Some of the girls from the streets of Pattaya have also made it big by moving to Hollywood. According to one estimate there are more than 200,000 girls working in the Pattaya area and all of them have one dream, which is meeting a rich husband so that they are taken care of for the rest of their lives. What is more interesting is that there are many tourists also who come to Thailand with the sole purpose of meeting their wife. These western rich tourists are the dream of every pattaya girl. It is not very uncommon to hear a story of Pattaya girl getting married to western tourists.


Pattaya is famous for its Coyote girls, who are the best of the best from all the working girls in pattaya. They are the most beautiful ones who are not found everywhere. Though you may have to shell out extra money than the normal rate to go out with a coyote girl, according to tourists who have spent money on them it is worth the spend. Most coyote girls are show performers that are hired on nightly basis in the bars and are also paid better than the other girls. One night out with a coyote girl can make your life change.

Finding a coyote is not very difficult in Pattaya but the problem is negotiation of price. It is easy to spot coyotes in a bar but offering them the normal rate will not entice them, hence you have to offer them higher sum of money. More importantly they should be dealt with very swiftly because any hackle in the negotiation can out of the mood for you. You should understand and appreciate the fact that these girls and pricy, hence treat them accordingly. You can find more about them on the Thailand’s Explorer’s Guide to girls.