A Young Couple’s Experience Inside Wedding Limos

A bride may choose to ride a horse-drawn carriage or be driven to the wedding venue in a rental car, but nothing brings more elegance and comfort than wedding limos. A young bride must arrive on time to the church or the beach – wherever the wedding will be held. Getting a limousine service in Atlanta will ensure she’ll get there promptly. Once she arrives at the place, a bride may need help with arranging her gown and veil, especially when it spreads into a long train behind her. Delicate textile and accents used in making the bride’s veil and gown may tear easily if not handled gently. Thus, a bride may ask her sister or one of her female cousins to accompany her in the limousine while traveling to the wedding venue.


Once they are declared husband and wife, the man takes over the responsibility of helping his wife with her wedding gown and veil as well as in carrying her bridal bouquet and small purse. Most brides like to carry a small silk purse attached to their wrist to carry their personal belongings, such as a perfume bottle and a mobile phone. The groom also makes it a point to inform the chauffeur of wedding limos where they should head to after the wedding. A limo hire in Atlanta goes wherever their clients instruct them to go, may it be the wedding reception venue, the airport for the couple’s honeymoon, or any place along the way, such as a 7-Eleven store.


Among wedding limos, couples can choose to rent a Lincoln or Cadillac sedan with four to seven seats or a stretch limo that can seat up to 11 people comfortably inside. The best choice for weddings, however, is an immaculately white, black, or silver sedan with a passenger area fit for two to three people. The small space and leather upholstery create a warm comforting atmosphere that’s made more intimate for the couple because of the tinted windows around, including the driver’s side and the panel that hides the passenger area from the chauffeur. Asking the driver to play some music will add to the relaxing mood as well as muffle the sounds from the passengers. Of course, most limo drivers can be trusted to protect the privacy of their clients, even after the rental period.


Under normal circumstances, a limo hire provides their clients a bottle of champagne and two flutes. Both bride and groom may now drink a toast to celebrate their new life together as a married couple. Soft music fills the passenger area to soothe the couple’s strained nerves and calm their minds after a very busy week of wedding preparations.