A Hippie Store Called Groovy Goods in Des Moines

Groovy Goods, a Hippie Store in Des Moines

The fashion trends from different period or generation have changed and evolved over the time. Although in the present day there are still fashion trends which were inspired by trends from 60s to 70s, however, it does not equate to the feeling it gave generations ago.

To bring back that hippie vibe and lifestyle, a hippie store in Des Moines, Groovy Goods, have brought a community together, everyone with hippie heart, coming together for vibrant color and positive energy. They are bringing back not only hippie clothing, but as well as jewellery, tapestries, and home accessories and decors.

Clothing – Music and Tie-Dye Shirts

For those who are familiar with that rainbow swirling design on shirts or simply tie-dye, this style had been associated with hippie kind of clothing. The good thing about this store is they have upgraded the styles and color palette people can choose from. Also, their clothing apparel in the store comes from a different kind of fabric which is friendly for summer or winter season. Lastly, there are also music shirts available in the market, including one famous hippie icon, Bob Marley, along with other legendary artists such as The Beatles, and etc.

Home Decors and Tapestries

A hippie kind of vibe inside one’s home wouldn’t be complete without crystals and salt lamp as home décor which are aesthetically pleasing. Home decors are available in the store starting from stones of different sizes and type, flower base, and other cool stuff. There are also tapestries which include tablecloths, sofa cover, blanket, and beach towel that are made of comfortable and good quality fabrics. It also comes with different designs, patterns, and color.

Awesome Customer Service

Not convinced, yet? Those who are interested may check their official webpage so they can browse through actual photos of the store, as well as the hippie goods they sell. The good thing about this store is people won’t feel silly and shy away if they have questions regarding the items which have caught their eye or the items they might be looking for inside the store. Groovy Goods’ staffs are very friendly and are willing to answer any queries without being judged. They make sure that people who visits their store gets to experience peace, love, and rock in roll in the store. For those people who want to experience what hippie lifestyle feels like, don’t hesitate to visit the store and see it themselves what this article is talking about.