5 Things to Remember When Choosing a Wedding Planner in India


An Indian wedding can be more complicated than you think expect it to be.  It requires attention to every menial detail because that’s how an Indian ceremony must be. Hence, you must not forget these 5 important factors when planning out this special occasion in your life.

Your wedding planner should be ..

Someone who knows where to pick the best venue


Obviously, you would want to set the mood of your wedding to make it a memorable one. Hence, the site where this will be held will play a very important part. If you plan to do it in a resort, make sure to pick resort planners who can help arrange the place for you. This person must be well acquainted on the best resort available whether it be in Maui, Oahu, Molokai, Kauai and Big Island.

A native Indian who has grown with the locals...

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Did they take away your Napster privileges before you got the whole collection? Check out the Kazaa network for peer-to-peer shared files and try audiogalaxy.com, bearshare.com and rapigator.com. If you want to check out the secret site the systems guy at your office downloads from, check out oth.net which searches all the FTP sites.


Omnicom Group to finance a Jennifer Lopez special on NBC, a twist on the traditional advertiser/network relationship and a solution to slashed ad budgets. Less risk. Everybody wins. (Whispers about a J-Lo Sitcom too.)

General Motors is one of the companies that have created an online game, in its case touting the new e...

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Classic French star

I was shocked to learn that Kevyn Aucoin passed away yesterday,

May 7 from a brain tumor. I did not know him but just from following his career, he seemed like someone that would leave no enemies and no unkind words to be said.
It’s good to learn that they have decided to schedule Fashion Week so that it does not fall on September 11th.

Classic French star, Anouk Aimee (of “A Man and A Woman” and “Dolce Vita” fame), will play Coco Chanel in a made-for-TV movie in France (France 2) Release Date 2003

Prayers to the family and friends of the very special and talented Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez of the most unique and gifted of all of the R&B girl groups, TLC. She died Thursday, April 25 in a car accident in Honduras. She was at the wheel. You can go to lefteye.com:81or tlcfanmail.com to pay your re...

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Gwen Stefani

The marketing of “reality”

continues with Mattel’s new hip-hop themed “Flava” dolls. The dolls, with varying skin shades and facial features, comes with DIY rub on decals, adding the customization trend to its new offering – something for everyone and in sync with MTV. The dolls also have more range of motion so they can show more “attitude”, a la “Christina Aguilera”.

Check them out at http://www.mattel.com/swap_feat/default_flavas.asp

Gwen Stefani’s is coming out with a LeSportsac line and soon, her own clothing line.

WWD talks about an upcoming line by Beyonce and Tina Knowles (her mother) called B Wear, a high-end jeanswear line. But not yet…Sneaker companies take a cue from the luxury conglomerates of a few years back – the latest? Nike just bought Converse.

July 7 – LL Cool J renewe...

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Dolce & Gabanna

Dolce & Gabanna

-what resonated: bright jewel purple unabashedly satin shirt with velvet skirt mannish gray gabardine pants with a black velvet belt – reminds me of Claude Montana pants from the 80s. suiting.
A harder edge
Flannel w/lace
A boyish tee shirt with pants and a lacey jacket – the way trend-forward tough chicks dress
Satin pants suits – almost like leisure suits
Velvet lounge pants – cigarette pants – early 90s
Gold and black lame – sparkly gowns – Loveboat
Velvet and stretch lace – the late great 80s knock-off dress – very ‘expose/cover girls/ moving into salt and pepa
Black-gold lame
Huge bow at the neck

Christian Dior

-what resonated: mismatched shoes – almost, ‘I forgot my Manolo’s at someone’s house and I have to go to this event anyway, let me just throw on my creepers’?...

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Themes: I’m a Man…(??)

Themes: I’m a Man…(??)

Severe ‘man suits’ and man suit shoulders- Atilk Kutoglu and Ruffian (with costumey trim)
Wool Crepe with Metallic
Nubby wool extends itself to black suiting – the ‘I wouldn’t be caught dead in this’ look a la Grace Jones meets Claude Montana and Thierry Meugler meets 80’s NY Secretary meets Liza Minnelli


80’s style rhinestone studding has somehow reared its ugly head AGAIN

– not with cutesy slogans on tees this time but to give that all-wrong post-disco coke-fueled glow
Ugly high-waisted legging-like pants
I see touches of leopard
Metallic lame
Christian Dior’s big sharp oversized shoulders – a thread foreshadowing a resurgence of Kim Bassinger in Mickey Rourke’s suits in 9 ½ Weeks.

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Must-See Web

Must-See Web

If you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, this may be the man you’ve been waiting for…Peter Pan

Why didn’t I think of this…Insanely Brilliant Do’s and Don’ts

The British are light years ahead of us in one way: advanced Photoshop humor. That and other web-based humor, cleverness, is in abundance through this site’s weekly emails. Every Friday, afternoon it’s b3ta time.

“Couturier Superstar”                                                    download (1)

Examining the couturier as superstar, curated by Olivier Saillard
The Museum of Fashion & Textiles
June 5- Sept 29
More About Couturier Superstar

“Adrian: American Glamour”

Met’s Costume Institute
May 14, 2002-August 18, 2002
A tribute to the Hollywood costume legend...

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Apollo Braun Wacky store

A Dreary Day Song List for the Extended Winter that is the Summer of 2003

Long after you’ve been popping the cork on bottles of chilled white wine on a roof deck, you may still be reaching for a glass of red a day later. When it was really cold, a list of songs about winter spontaneously popped into my head. I thought I’d share them with you: How Winter Kills (Yaz), Winter (Rolling Stones), Long December (Counting Crows), Walk Out to Winter (Aztec Camera), California Dreaming (Beach Boys), Cold (Annie Lennox)


images (7)

Apollo Braun Wacky store owner and his store clerk – both from Israel – ham it up for the camera. Lots of found collage-y type stuff, all at decent prices. Creator of the “Madonna is my Mother” tee shirt.
On Orchard street below Houston...

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Fashion events

In anticipation of the new Women’s section that will be prominent on the new Girlonthestreet.com, we’re starting to tell you about women venturing forth. For starters, my good friend and adviser, Lindsey Pollack, has informed me of a new book coming out, published by Penguin called, Wildly Sophisticated: A Bold New Attitude for Career Success that she’d like to let the world know about.  StreetTeamsBanner

The author, Nicole Williams, is having a book signing at Barnes & Noble Citicorp in NYC – 160 East 54th Street – on Feb 3 from 7-8 and a career talk and fashion show at Saks Fifth Avenue on the 10th from 6-8pm. RSVP to 212-940-4359 to see what one entrepreneurial woman supporting women is up to. Tell them Girl-on-the-street sent you…

“Dangerous Liaisons: The Art of Seduction”
Met Costume Institute

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A Few Women Singing In New York Next Month…

Lucinda Williams                               images (5)

(rocks my world)
and she’s playing on November 10th, a Saturday, at

Natalie Merchant’s

(music might be sad for this world)
and she’s playing at Roseland too on November 8images (6)

Shelby Lynne

(has that song “I’m leaving” that makes me think she may be hear to stay)
and she’s playing at Irving Plaza on November 12

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